Exo Terra Worm Dish – Mealworm Feeder


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Exo Terra Mealworm Feeder – Worm Dish – Natural Granite Rock look but constructed of food-grade resin * No Mess * Saves valuable supplements * Specially designed edge ring prevents escape * Natural Look * Easy to clean Meal worms need to be contained when they’re placed inside the terrarium. If not, they will quickly escape by burrowing their way into the substrate. They will remain hidden until they can metamorphose into an inedible beetle. More likely, they will simply die, their decomposing bodies creating a banquet of harmful bacteria. The Exo-Terra worm dish prevents mealworms from escaping, while allowing them to remain visible to the terrarium inhavitants. Can be used for any type of worms or wriggly food that you want contained until eaten. 12cm long x 10cm wide & approx 2cm deep. The dishes are coated to prevent the development of harmful bacteria and make it easy to clean. The natural neutral colour allows easy intergration in desert, tropical or any type of terrarium.